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hotsonia00's Journal

10 July
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I love to give. It's something I do and have always done. It's who I am as a person. Me and my family of four are close. I'm especially close to Dolly, my little sister. Me and her have gone through a lot together, things we didn't even know were coming at us. I'm a strong willed person. People say that I have the "heart of gold." I truly believe I have one. I'm always there to lend out my hand, or give a shoulder to a friend. I love to listen to other people and help them out.....All I want in my life now is love. It can get so complicated to find true love, but I've realized I can't go out looking for love anymore. She has to come to me. I want that one special girl to take my breath away and to be there for me through out life. That's all I ask now. I have my family, I have my friends, but now it's time for the love of my life to finally come and step up.